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master annual 2011

Past BCG Exhibitions

Baulines Craft Guild is dedicated to the growth of the independent artist and the creation of a climate of appreciation for craft in contemporary society through education, exhibition, and creation of community.

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berkeley mills

Spring Showcase 2010
Friends Along the Jouney 2009

Parlor 2008
2007 Master Annual
Contemporary Crafts Market, 2007, in San Francisco

2006 Master Annual
Gualala Arts Center
Inspired by Marin
Master Apprentice 2005 "Coming Home"
Master-Apprentice 2004 "Second Generation"
California Design 2004

California Design 2002

BCG 30th Anniversary 2002
Enduring Hand: Master Annual 2003
Points of View - Panel



bcg master show 2010

Baulines Craft Guild, in association with Marin Arts Council and the Marin Community Foundation presents
Paths in Studio Craft

Hours of the exhibition are Monday-Friday 8-5pm

The celebrated Guild, renowned for its apprentice program and high quality of members work, shows furniture, ceramics, metal arts, wood sculpture, rugs and tapestries.

Thirty-two Master and Journeyman members will present several works each, providing a unique opportunity to see a range of styles and themes within the scope of each artist's work. Also exhibiting with this group of outstanding studio professionals will be several apprentices from the Guild's education program.

Grounded in modernism, the studio craft movement of northern CA reflects an approach not concerned with identities, but with the dynamics of process, intersection of materials and maker, and the influence of natural forms. Founding members of Baulines Craft Guild were among the cohort of returning vets from World War 2 and the Korean War who had access to the GI bill, and purchased land and homes in West Marin, where the influence of nature is a mighty factor in aesthetic experience, spirituality, and art. These individuals brought with them an influence of Pacific Rim and Japanese design and practice. They came of age in North Beach, among the poets, dancers, and visual artists; selling craft in the fairs on Union Street, and making their way independently. Once in West Marin, these artists began to engage apprentices and teach techniques and philosophies of craft. The work of the Baulines Craft Guild master member exemplifies the California lifestyle: indoor-outdoor living, vibrant with the influence of sun and surf. Studio craft, as all dynamic art forms, evolves within communities of practice. Artists who join Baulines Craft Guild come for the heritage and stay for the community. Peer recognition insures a high quality of work, and the cooperative sharing of exhibition tasks, materials, and shop spaces helps to lighten the work. Naturally, collaborations across media spring up among members.

Artists participating in the exhibition are:

Rene Almon (wood furniture), Garry Knox Bennett (mixed media painting with reclaimed furniture), Michael Bock (wood furniture), Hugh Buttrum (turned wood vessels), “Chajo” (wood furniture with fossils and metal work by Chanin Cook and Jon Edie), Ron Cook (musical instruments in reclaimed woods), Linda Gass (painted silk quilts), Robert Gauthier (turned wood vessels), Griffe Griffiths (chasing and repousse` in copper), Mark Goudy (ceramics), Roger Heitzman (wood furniture), Susan Hersey (paper wall hangings), Stephanie Hoppe (hand woven rugs), Nancy Jackson (hand woven tapestry), Kerry Marshall (wood furniture), Laurie Marson (work in silver), John P. McCormack (furniture), Tom McFadden (furniture), Alison McLennan (safes, wall cabinets, and lamps), David Marks (furniture and turned wood vessels), Bruce Mitchell (wood sculpture), Janet Moore (hand woven tapestry), Sheila O’Hara (jacquard woven tapestry), Grif Okie (wood furniture), Charles Quibell (turned wood vessels), Paul Reiber (carved reliefs and wood furniture), Inge Roberts (ceramics), Jan Schachter (ceramics), Ericka Clark Shaw (ceramics), Barbara Shapiro (dyed, printed paper with indigo), Barbara Stafford (hand woven rugs in llama, wool, and alpaca), Barbara Andino-Stevenson (ceramics), and Carol Wedemeyer (ceramics). Phyllis Thelen exhibits in collaboration with Barbara Andino-Stevenson.


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Spring Showcase 2010

The Atrium Gallery 600 Townsend San Francisco, CA - April 19-June 10, 2010

600 townsend atrium 2010 bcg showcase
click on the above image for a tour

on view through June 10, 2010

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Click here for a sampling of the exhibition.

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The Parlor of Earthly Delights

Click here for a slide show of the installation

"The Parlor of Earthly Delights"

June 13 to August 16, 2008.

Baulines Craft Guild and Wine Country Woodturners
at the Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael.

Masters in fine craft -- woodturners, metal artists, ceramic sculptors, furniture makers and fiber artists collaborate to create unique, hybrid art objects. The artists featured are masters in their fine craft and renowned for their signature styles.

August 16: Outdoor demonstrations during the Food and Wine Festival.

A Day of Woodturning, wood carving, coiling, metal work amd other fine crafts.

For information call 415.485.3328

Click here for Directions to the Falkirk.



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David Adams, Rene Almon, Sonya Lee Barrington,
Don Braden, Hugh Buttrum, Ray Churchill,
Scott Clark, Joyce Clements, Bonita Cohn,
Brian Condran, Michael Cullen, Carol Durham,
Cory Ferris, Alexandra Friedman, Robert Gauthier,
Griffe Griffiths, Susan Hersey, David Hirsch,
Stephanie Hoppe, Susannah Israel, Jerry Kermode,
Carl Koehler, Dennis Lasher, David Marks,
Laurie Marson, Brian McLaughlin, Kim McNeelan,
Catherine Merrill, Bruce Mitchell, Janet Moore,
Robert Nelson, Sheila O’Hara, Mark Oldland,
Beverly Prevost, Richard Prince, Chuck Quibell,
Paul Reiber,Inge Roberts, Michael Rohde,
Janice Rowell, Jan Schachter, Barbara Sebastian,
Barbara Shapiro, Erika Clark Shaw, Michael Singer,
Barbara Andino Stevenson, Joyce Stocksdale, Phyllis Thelen, Andrea Ticker-Hody, Carol Wedemeyer, and Jane Woodside

Exhibit Design:
Seb Hamamjian

Generously Supported by the Marin Community Foundation



Baulines Craft Guild Master Annual
Conscious Concepts

click here to take a virtual tour
November 7 -December 6, 2007
ArtWorks Downtown Gallery
1337 Fourth Street
San Rafael, CA 94901






Art Talk: Friday, November 30, 2007

5 -7 PM

Hugh Buttrum, Catherine Merrill, Joy Stocksdale,
and Barbara Shapiro will speak about their work and creative process.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the exhibition.

opening night

Click here to read the press release and show information (pdf in new window).


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The 2006 Master and Apprentice Annual Exhibition of Baulines Craft Guild

On July 19, 2006 Baulines Craft Guild presented the work of Guild Masters and apprentices at the Craft and Cultural Arts Gallery at 1515 Clay Street in Oakland. The showcase featured current work of Masters and the Guild education programs. BCG has a well-deserved reputation on the quality of their education programs, which offer one-to-one study in the workshops of Masters of fine craft. This year, the Guild was happy to debut the work of Kimberly McNeelan, first year apprentice at Michael Cullen Design; and Alison McLennan, apprentice and assistant to Garry Knox Bennett, well-known Oakland-based artist/craftsman and Guild Honorary member. Cullen and Bennett will also show. Included in the exhibition of fine crafts in metal, clay, fiber, wood furniture and turnings were new Master members Rene Almon, furniture maker; Joy Stocksdale and Karen Hampton, fiber artists; and Griffe Griffiths, metal artist.

Junior Apprentices from the "Futures in Fine Craft" program of the Guild showed work in clay and wood. Yan Huang, Javier Gutierrez Omar, and Jesse Houston of Mission High School in San Francisco spent a semester in the studio of Catherine Merrill, Master ceramist; Lucky Hall of Marin Academy studied with Don Braden in instrument and furniture making. Elani Kirschenfeld-Ferri studied green practices in woodworking with Michael Bock.

Junior Apprenticeships were made possible by a grant from the Walter and Elise Haas Fund.

Additional Masters exhibiting:

Ed Blackburn, ceramics                                  
Don Braden
, metal and woodwork
Barbara Brown, ceramics
Charles Cobb, wood furniture
Bonita Cohn, ceramics  
Judith Content, fiber art
Deborah Corsini, fiber art
Jeffrey Dale, wood furniture
Carol Durham, mixed media fiber art
Marlena Genau, precious metal
Susan Hersey, handmade paper                   
Jerry & Deborah Kermode
, wood turning
John Lavine, wood furniture                          
Jacqueline Mallegni
, handmade paper
David Marks, wood furniture
Laurie Marson, precious metal
Brian McLachlan, wood furniture
Catherine Merrill, ceramic sculpture
Bruce Mitchell, wood furniture & sculpture
Daniel Oberti
, sculpture
Sheila O'Hara, fiber art                                
John O'Hare, metal furniture & sculpture
Beverly Prevost, ceramics
Chuck Quibell, wood turning
Paul Reiber, wood furniture
Inge Roberts, ceramics
Michael Rohde, fiber art
Jan Schachter, ceramics
Barbara Shapiro, fiber art
Dorothy Sovinsky, ceramics
Jane Woodside, ceramics
Michael Bock, woodworking

Invited guest artist, David Adams of Rochester Institute of Technology will show furniture.

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Take A Virtual Tour

View Part One | View Part Two

On August 17, 2006 the Guild hosted a symposium on "Communities of Practice" in the auditorium adjacent to the Gallery at 1515 Clay Street. David Adams spoke on "The Culture of Furniture Makers" and described issues and strengths in the field of fine studio furniture. Adams received a grant for critical writing and research from the Craft Research Project and interviewed many Guild Masters for his project. This was the first public presentation of his results. Daniel Oberti and Mario Uribe presented their work with youth in "Art Start" and Catherine Merrill described the Guild's Junior Apprentice program. Michael Cullen and Jerry Kermode demonstrated woodcarving and wood turning on the lathe.

Ted Cohen, Carole Austin, and Kathleen Hanna selected work for the show from submissions by the members, and Ted Cohen designed the exhibition in the Gallery.

These activities are all part of "Third Thursday--Oakland Art Night".

Guild members and friends, the Marin Community Foundation, the Walter and Elise Haas Fund, and the Craft and Cultural Arts Gallery support this exhibition.

For further information, please contact Baulines Craft Guild office at 415-458-3535 or email the Guild at . You can also contact DiAnne Love at the Craft and Cultural Arts Gallery at 510-238-2103 or email .


April 1-May 6, 2006, art work by members of Baulines Craft Guild was at the Gualala Arts Center, Gualala, CA. 


Click here for slide show


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Inspired by Marin - The Spirit of the Baulines Craft Guild

February 21 through May 4, 2006

click here for slide show

Fiber Arts in tapestry; paper; complex weaving; quilts; rattan and bamboo sculpture; printed and dyed narrative textiles; drawing and mixed media.

Sharing ideas, processes, and fundamental sources is at the heart of the artistic exchange fostered by the Masters of Baulines Craft Guild.

"Between Lavender Sheets" by Deborah Corsini


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Coming Home - 2005


In 1972, Tom D'Onofrio called a group of talented independent craftspeople and the Baulines Craft Guild was formed. Guild founder Tom D’Onofrio envisioned a dynamic organization that could foster the relationship of artist-maker and protégé and encourage the spirit of independence and creative entrepreneurship.



Master/Apprentice Annual

September 9 to October 13, 2005

In 1972, Tom D'Onofrio called a group of talented independent craftspeople and the Baulines Craft Guild was formed. Guild founder Tom D’Onofrio envisioned a dynamic organization that could foster the relationship of artist-maker and protégé and encourage the spirit of independence and creative entrepreneurship.

Art Carpenter was in this circle of those interested in fine furniture making and other studio crafts and began teaching in his Bolinas Studio. The BCGuild recognizes Tom and Art and the journey they began which has led us to this moment.

This exhibition honors this journey and the continuing relationship of Master to Apprentice. We will offer a toast to Art Carpenter.  Art will shows his "Shell Desk," reissued by his son, Tripp Carpenter.

Claudia Chapline hosted our show “Coming Home” in her Stinson Beach Gallery. 3445 Shoreline Hwy, Stinson Beach.


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The Baulines Craft Guild sponsors exhibitions designed to showcase work by its master teachers and their apprentices.  The biennial California Design exhibition, sponsored by the Guild features a juried selection of work by California’s leading craft artists and has gained national recognition as a vital element in promoting contemporary fine craft.


 Exhibition Space at 600 Townsend, San Francisco

600 Townsend Street at 7th, San Francisco
March 3 to April 14, 2005

Furniture, Decorative & Functional Objects by Members of the Association of Clay & Glass Artists of California (ACGA) and the Baulines Craft Guild.
Selected by
Sylvia Bennett
     Click here for a tour.


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BCG Sponsored Exhibitions for 2004


Baulines Craft Guild Master Member Exhibition 2004
with Members of the Mendocino Coast Furnituremakers.
Furniture and functional objects by some of
California's most innovative and skilled craft artists.

Click Here to Take A Virtual Tour

Read the Review of "Second Generation"

Greg B. Smith
Honduras Rosewood and Swiss Pear
12" x 25" x 36"
Patinated brass and wood hardware

April 24 through June 3, 2004
600 Townsend  Street, San Francisco.

6 squares by John deMarchi

Hand made tools by John deMarchi.

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Virtual tour 1 | Installation tour 2

Daniel Oberti


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600 townsend exhibition space


The Points of View Guided Tour Series was an exciting opportunity to meet leading Bay Area art professionals and the exhibiting artists of Enduring Hand.   Held at the exhibition site, the Series stimulated thought provoking and in depth conversation about art and fine craft.  Many of the themes covered by our speakers were taken up and expanded upon by our artists, which was very exciting to witness.  We hope to continue these conversations at future events.

Three of the Bay Area’s prominent art professionals and exhibiting artists took an intimate look at contemporary craft using the exhibited artwork as a starting point. They discussed the importance of the handmade object in our technologically driven society. This dialogue functioned as a forum to further our understanding of how vital craftsmanship is to contemporary craft, what machines cannot do. We tackled these important questions beginning the tours with the lecturers, then had our exhibiting artists bring in their points of view by talking about their specific work and how it relates to the broader questions at hand.  How do they tackle these questions?

A former curator at the Oakland Museum of California, Ted Cohen is now an art advisor and exhibition designer.  He also works closely with the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco.  He shared with us his extensive knowledge of contemporary craft.

Susan Strolis graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Art Education has worked at the Virginia Breier Gallery for 16 years.  She is now the director of this long time supporter of contemporary craft. Susan offered us an interesting point of view of our show.  It was very interesting to see how the galleries look at fine craft.

Carolyn Kastner holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University in Art History with a specialty in American Art.  She is a former curator at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art and now teaches Art History at the California College of Arts and Craft. Carolyn walked us through the exhibition, followed by Susan Hersey and Jerry Kermode.

CAHERINE MERRILL'S presentation was exceptional as she brought in a thought provoking element of theory to her talk.

DANIEL OBERTI gave his insight on his journey of making art inspired from astronomy and cosmology.

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Baulines Craft Guild
30th Anniversary Exhibition
take a tour

The exhibition was held at Falkirk Cultural Center
and at the Bolinas Museum during the Summer of 2002

History of the Baulines Craft Guild

Read Tom Donofrio's Paper on Founding the Guild

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