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Laurie Marson
A Spot of Tea
Sterling silver.
H. 6 1/2" x W. 6 1/2" x 4"

grayson malone: persephone

Grayson Malone
Bronze, Iron, Steel, Concrete
22" H x 17" W x 12" D


Griffe Griffiths

david marks "sitting bench"

David Marks

Sitting Bench




john o'hare's leaf gate

John O'Hare

"Leaf Gate" 45.5"w x 65.5" h.
Forged mild steel, Rust Patina, sealed


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Andrea Tucker-Hody

Andrea Tucker-Hody

The Supplicant And The Master

Handmade dyed-fiber paper with gold & silver leaf and copper bars
H 42.5” x W 37.5” x D 0.25”

jackson tryptich

Nancy Jackson - Timshel Studio

Incarnation Triptych

Handwoven tapestry (Aubusson & Gobelin traditions), Wool weft on cotton warp, 8' x 14'
Weavers: Nancy Jackson, Joan McColgan, Marielle Snyder & Christina Rasmussen




Karen Hampton


21" x 15"
Hand-stitched-Cotton, Silk and Pigment






Alexandra Friedman

Flow 3




stafford camel weaving

Barbara Stafford -

Camel: Lines,
57" x 32"






Linda Gass

Fields of Salt

29 1/2" h x 29 1/2" w.

Silk crepe de chine painted with silk dyes and resist, machine quilted.




Susan Hersey

Forest Series I

Handmade paper, silk fibers, acrylic on bronze screening
36 x 45 inches




Stephanie Hoppe

Winter Solstice

four-selvage tapestry-weave wool rug, 2007,
36 x 60 inches






Sheila O'Hara
Blossom Creek

23” x 25”
cotton handwoven on a TC1 Jacquard loom


Jacqueline Mallegni

Wind Through Mountain Series

Mixed Media - paper, wood, stone



in the permanent collection of The Art Institute of Chicago. Photo: Andrew Neuhart.

Michael Rohde

"Winter/Lake Biwa" 59"H x 48"W,
wool tapestry on linen warp, dyes, 2001





barbara shapiro

Barbara Shapiro

39 1/2" x 35 1/2"

Handwoven silk with stitch resist patterning.
Indigo and acid dyes.



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James Bacigalupi

‘Bubble Bomb’, Wouldn’t the world be a better place

Patinated and fabricated steel, gold leaf, fused and slumped glass.

24” tall x 20” diameter - $3800



Penelope Starr

Detritus of War #6

8 x 8 x ca. 3.5 iches
Cast mixed scrap bottle glass and image of
a "letter from my father to his family written from France in 1918."




Vincent Taylor
Stained Glass, Paduk frame.
Size: 24" x 60"


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mccormack chair

John P. McCormack

Pencil Chair, Straight Version, 1996
46” H x 18” W x 19” D
Materials: Mahogany, Aluminum framing squares, Delrin, Brass, Velvet, Cut Velvet, Satin, Paint & French Polish.





Robert Gauthier

Genie Bottle

38" H x 24" dia.







Kerry Marshall

Shoji Cube Cabinet

24" x 24" x 36"H
Madrone, cork veneer,
and handmade mulberry paper





Michael Sosin









Michael Childs

Walking Together



Jerry Kermode

Redwood burl natural edge vessel with stitches
10 3/4” tall x 7” x 7”





chyess table, craig thibodeau
Craig Thibodeau

Chess Table

Macassar Ebony, Holly, Bubinga, Jatoba,
and Mother of Pearl





Tyler Chartier

Chartier - detail



Mountain Dulcimer: The Gryphon, detail

Ron Cook



Michael Singer

"Spano DVD Cabinet"
mahogany, maple, and wenge,
with copper and abalone inlays
80 x 25 x 16





Bruce Mitchell - redwood






Brian McLachlan

Executive Desk




Roger Heitzman




Paul Reiber

Woman and Owl
25"x 11"x 7"




Merryll Saylan


Basswood. Turned, carved, dyed.

3 x 30 x 30 inches





Robert Erickson


lilies table

Michael Cullen

Lilies Table



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rene almon cabinet


Rene Almon





kathy pallie

Kathy Pallie

Clay Basket with 2 Handles
Earthenware clay, glazed
20"H x 12"L x 8"D



Jacqueline Thompson

Soviet Night
Ceramic Platter 17"


Carol Wedemeyer

terra cotta tea pot 10"



rod guyer woodfired plate

Rod Guyer

anagama woodfired

stoneware plate 13"



porcelain bowl red glaze

Bonita Cohn

Bowl 10"

Copper Red



barbara brown

Barbara Brown

Water Basin


Catherine Merrill

Flags from the Amforas Cubanas Series

Multi-fired wheel thrown terracotta vase with multicolor terra sigilatta,
clear glaze and metallic lusters. H 29" D 12"



jan schachter

Jan Schachter

stoneware - Covered Bowl

6" x 6" x 3.75"

Jane Woodside



Beverly Prevost

Almost Square Trays

ceramic 8" x 8"



Inge Roberts

porcelain ceramic



ericka clark shaw

Ericka Clark Shaw

Blue Reflections
width 36" w x 22" h




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