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Barbara Brown

Michael Carroll

Wendell Castle

Joyce Clements

Michael Childs

Bonita Cohn

Ron Cook

Diana Crain

Robert Erickson

If your name and link is not here and you believe it should be, please send the address/link to the

Alexandra Friedman

Linda Gass

Anne Goldman

Griffe Griffiths

Kathleen Hanna

Roger Heitzman

Susan Hersey

Stephanie Hoppe

Nancy Jackson

Garry Knox Bennett

Rik Lawrence

Jacqueline Mallegni

Grayson Malone

David J. Marks

John O'Hare

Griffin Okie

Kathy Pallie

Beverly Prevost

Paul Reiber

Inge Roberts




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Denise DeRose

Mark Goudy

Trevor Hadden video on Fine Woodworking Website



Journeyman status is accorded to artists in two ways; first, as a next step in the movement from Apprentice to Master and second, to artists whose individual voice shows promise, and anticipates a movement to Master member status. The Board of Directors awards the Journeyman status.

We fondly remember those members who have passed:

Ericka Clark Shaw

Art Carpenter

Sam Maloof

Daniel Oberti (2) (3)

Carolyn Grew-Sheridan








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